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orte power pellet heater


ORTE pellet stoves are designed absolutely against the latest trends. Thanks to laziness and neglection of accountants, planned products aging has not been taken into account... read more >>



During the manufacture of ORTE pellet heaters emphasis is placed on totally archaic approach, which today is not practiced almost anywhere... read more >> 



Last but not least is fact, that ORTE have not taken care of service... read more >> 




More and more manufacturers are interested in rapid wear of their products. In case of ORTE heaters and burners, if any of the parts is wearing faster than the others then constructors are starting work against the latest trends. They are not working on quicker wear of other parts, but they are increasing lifetime of the part which was wearing too fast. We do not want you to replace a device acquired in our company in a few years for new model. Our aim is to allow to save your time on choosing heater with next (new) investments.



Orte devices are manufactured with the same philosophy used for manufacturing expensive watches - and until recently for planes. Instead of manufacturing through prism of quantity, profits and efficiency - ORTE puts on quality, careful workmanship, reliability and long-lasting operation. ORTE stoves are manufactured with unfashionable attitude for long and failure-free operation. Similar to manufacturing expensive watches, approach to production is to get a product of which customer will be satisfied both at the time of purchase and many years later.



We have not taken care of work for ORTE service. Instead of increasingly popular repairs (consisting of long diagnostics, leading to time-consuming replacement of damaged part) we are replacing quickly and efficiently whole component. Thanks to this, although repairs are something rare, when they take place they last rationally short.




Our recommendation:

piece na pelletpiece na pelletpiece na pelletpiece na pelletORTE POWER 130

Pellet heater, 130 kW power

price: 27.900 PLN net




Pellet heaters

pellet heatersWe offer modern, fully automated and safe pellet blast stoves. Innovative construction together with high quality and careful workmanship ensures ORTE heaters' long-term operating in any space. Heaters are normally offered as complete sets, including burner, container and dispenser. Delivered as ready to operate - installation isn't required. They can be used as a part of ventilation or air-conditioning system providing remarkable comfort. Thanks to mobility, day-to-day autonomic heating system can be created. It allows to reduce costs, due to efficiency, fuel costs and fact that there is no need to dismantle current heating system. More information: pellet heaters.



Pellet burners

pellet burnersOur self-cleaning burners are simple to install and easy to use, extremely efficient, functional and reliable. Full automatic allows remote controlling of device's work. Availability of twelve different models from 25kW to 350kW allows to select suitable heating power to optimize heater's efficiency. Burners can be used as oil burner's replacement. ORTE pellet burners comply with applicable regulations and have a declaration of conformity . More information: pellet burners.



Wood pellet

pellet, pellets, wood pelletsThanks to its excellent characteristics, wood pellets are gaining popularity among people looking for cheap, ecological and yet high quality fuel. Attractive price is not the only advantage of this fuel. Wood pellets stands out with high caloricity, which allows to maintain its maximum efficiency. This fuel Pellets can be used in various types of devices - furnaces, heaters or fireplaces. It is recommended for all of those, who care about convenience and quality with maintaining attractive price. More information: wood pellet.


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